For 90% of us who still operate on borrowed Netflix passwords, courtesy of kind friends and their friends, life’s about to get really tough. The OTT platform has actually started working on all those warnings to end password sharing.

Reportedly, only subscribers living in the same household will be able to access the account. They will have to connect their devices to a primary Wi-Fi and use the app at least once every 31 days or risk getting blocked. When a new device related to the primary account tries to log in from a different location, the user will enter a four-digit verification code, applicable for seven consecutive days, within 15 minutes.

And also, non-household users will get the option to create a new account and transfer information. On their failure to do so, they will get blocked until they sign up separately.

Basically, we getting f**k*d!

Twitter is VERY unhappy about this. Have a look at how people are reacting.

No more Netlix and chill?