Hey you, yes you swiping through phone and getting a smile on your face as you read this news. Our favourite undercover-stalker Joe Goldberg has found a way to get to all of us as the third season of Netflix’s psychological thriller has been renewed for another season. 


That’s right folks, after burying a lifetime of lies, changing his identity a couple of times and getting away with quite a few murders, our Joe Goldberg a.k.a Pen Badgley will be back with a clean slate in Season 3. 

After Joe in season 2 almost fooled us that he’s changed, the cliffhanger and Joe’s new mysterious neighbour has got us all intrigued. 

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And this time, his Love interest from Season 2 a.k.a Victoria Pedretrii will be accompanying him on-screen too. Now we can’t help but wonder who’ll win the mind games in the new season. 

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Netizens can’t wait to see what Joe’s next move is and who’s his new neighbour: