There is something we are all guilty of, and we didn’t even realise the harm in it. Password sharing. The password to what, you ask? Your prized possession, Netflix. 

While we may be lax about sharing our Netflix details with friends or family, or anyone who is in need of it, Netflix is having none of it

During the streaming of the platform’s third-quarter earnings interview, Product Chief Greg Peters revealed that Netflix knows what’s up. Apparently, the company is looking into more ‘consumer-friendly’ ways to address users sharing passwords. He said, 

We continue to monitor password sharing. We’ll continue to look at the situation and we’ll see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edge of that, but we’ve got no big plans at this point in time in terms of doing something different there.

Now obviously, sharing credentials like this is making streaming platforms lose tons of money every year. This is not just limited to Netflix, even Amazon Prime Video, HBO and Hotstar are facing the same issues. A survey from last year showed that 35% of millennials are sharing their credentials to friends and family. 


Don’t start worrying already though. Netflix doesn’t plan to take any drastic measures to prevent password-sharing just yet. There were no comments on how Netflix is monitoring sharing, but it is safe to assume that they are watching. 

Till then, continue to live and thrive off of your friend’s account!