Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead 

Netflix is pretty much on a roll with the diverse variations of documentaries/ limited series it has been releasing.

Recently, added to this shook list is a three-part series called Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. This story focuses on the life of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez's life.      

Source: Eonline

For those who don't know anything about the player, his story is quite well known. 

Hernandez was a 23-year-old football star whose high-profile career ended abruptly after he was arrested and convicted for the murder of his fiance's sister's boyfriend in 2013.        

Source: eonline

The three-hour series examines the life of this former New England Patriots player's life. It talks about his life in Bristol, Connecticut, the rise in his career and ultimately his death.     

But what was shocking about this entire documentary was how Hernandez lived a double life. He was a jovial and popular NFL superstar who was accused of murdering several men during the peak of his career. 

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There were some chilling instances from his childhood and some surprising telephonic conversations that somehow gave a little glimpse into his psyche.       

But nothing really revealed if and why he did something as severe as murder even though he had everything one could ever want. 

Even Twitter users were taken aback by the surprising revelations in this story. 

This documentary is basically about how nothing seems as it appears and no amount of money can guarantee happiness.   

The series is streaming on Netflix and you can watch the trailer here.