Disclaimer : Spoilers ahead

Netflix has become one of the biggest platforms in the history of online entertainment. It has hit us with mind-boggling crime documentaries, but its latest offering, Don’t F**K With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer has got to be the best one this season. 

Sure, the name might mislead you. But whoever said that, 'don't judge a book by its cover' was definitely talking about this series.  

It's all about a video posted online by a 'kitten-killer' which was disturbing beyond repair. But the actual story starts after the video was uploaded online.

Source: YouTube

The video was so sickening that some people made a Facebook group and dedicated it to tracking the man down so that he doesn't get to commit a crime like torturing and killing cats. 

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From where the ciggerette packs were kept to every minute details, these 'self-proclaimed' internet detectives made sure that no stones are upturned. 

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But the story took a rather dark turn when this 'cat killer's' story got International attention and this killer started liking the attention. So, what does an attention-hungry person do to grab more of it? Well, he continues with the things that bring him in the limelight. 

Don't fuck with the cats
Source: YouTube

In this case, the International cat killer started torturing kittens (and eventually a human) in different ways and posted more videos online just piss off everyone who's looking for him. 

dont fuck
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People of twitter too were taken aback by this series. 

The entire process of finding this serial killer by a Facebook group of avid internet detectives and the missteps they took on the way is absolutely gut-wrenching. It has been branded as the 'most disturbing documentary yet' by the viewers and we recommend you to watch it only if you're not weak-hearted.  

Watch the trailer here