We’ve completed three months in lockdown, and all of us have been fighting our own battles during this pandemic. Netflix’s latest movie, a YouTube special, Home Stories consists of four short films based around the pandemic and the hope we all share during the lockdown. 

Out With It, Will You Be My Quarantine, Delivering Smiles and Web Ne Bana Di Jodi are the four short films that take us on different journeys. Shot completely indoors, they truly capture the meaning behind this lockdown. 

Out With It starring Arjun Mathur tells the story of a germaphobe during a pandemic who refuses to leave his house. 

Will You Be My Quarantine stars Saba Azaad and Imaad Shah as a couple who had a one-night stand that turned into a three-week lockdown. Remember Two Night Stand? A lot like that. 

Delivering Smiles tells the story of a delivery executive, played by Tanmay Dhanania who is making Vlogs to cope with the situation. 

And the last film, Web Ne Bana Di Jodi starring Veer Rajwant Singh and Apoorva Arora talks about a couple tying the knot in lockdown and trying their best to go through the ceremonies on video calls.

Directed by Sahirr Sethi, Anubhuti Kashyap, Tanvi Gandhi and Ashwin Laxmi Narayan, this film will premier on Netflix India’s YouTube channel at 5PM on 12th June. 

Watch The Trailer Here:

All images are screenshots of the trailer.