Everyone's favourite dog-useries 'Dogs' is returning for another season of fun-filled 'tails' and this time, they want to tell your stories.

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The documentary series by Netflix made an announcement that a second season is in the making and they are on the lookout for more heartwarming doggo stories.

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If you or anyone you know is interested in sharing a story about your four-legged buddy, all you need to is share it on social media using the tag @netflixdogs and hashtag #netflixdogstory.

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Executive producers Glen Zipper and Amy Berg said,

We are so excited that our pack is back for Season 2 of 'Dogs'! From the beginning we have said that the joy shown in 'Dogs' helps bring people together and that same feeling will translate more than ever in season 2.
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The second season doesn't have a premiere date yet, however, it'll be a delight to experience stories like the first season one more time.