Netflix’s Mai starring Sakshi Tanwar is getting praise from all quarters. Tanwar’s performance is also being hailed as her best on-screen performance to date. But it is this one tiny scene from season 1 of the show that is going viral on Twitter for showing women in our country still have to perform their ‘duties’ in the kitchen even while grieving the death of their child. 

We have seen it in our own families for years. So much so, that somehow in our infinite comfort, we have managed to normalise it. But Mai highlighting this has at least started a conversation about the burden of ‘civility’ that we expect women in our families to carry because the rest of us are too lazy to go make a cup of tea. 

Obviously, there are a lot of men in the QTs going ‘Hamare yahan se sab nahi hota‘. BRO, TALK TO YOUR MOTHER! And I am not going to share those tweets there either cos F them.