Netflix is building a reality show inspired by its famous series, Squid Game. In the real-life Squid Game, 456 players will contest against each other for a whopping $4.56 million. The giant streaming platform is inviting applications for this 4-week-long reality series. The application websites even mention, ‘how far will you go?’


Umm, now Twitter is highly confused, and so are we.

What’s the point of modeling a reality game based on a series that clearly depicts that this game ought not to be played? Or even worse, why would you create a real-life game inspired by a show that mirrors human exploitation, the dark side of meritocracy, and the modern capitalist society?

Irony killed itself.

Making a reality show out of Squid Game is a blatant reflection of a doomed society in which capitalism always wins. The fictional show was a blunt satire and a compelling commentary on the harsh reality of the world today.  

It portrayed the helplessness of the oppressed, who are willing to do anything to have a chance at a better life. A reality show premised upon this fictional dystopian game is surely not what the world needs. EVEN FOR ENTERTAINMENT.