Unless you've been hiding under the covers, and not for the 'right' reasons, you're bound to have known and fallen in love with Netflix's amazing, woke, comedy-drama series, Sex Education. 

Sex Education
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As fans would know, Season 2 ended with Eric and Adam taking a chance, Maeve missing a very important message from Otis, and unexpected news greeting Dr. Milburn. 

Maeve in Sex Education
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So, if you've been waiting eagerly to know how the story moves forward, Netflix has a little hint for you. Yes, it's the Season 3 announcement. 

Groff in Sex Education
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Unlike how it is in the show, Principle Groff is the bearer of the good news here. And finally, we get to see more of Otis and his sexual misadventures. 

Netflix is yet to announce the date of the release.