Did you for a second think that Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind were the strangest dating shows out there? Think again. 

Because Netflix just released trailer for a new dating show where Masked Singer meets Love Is Blind, called Sexy Beasts. On which strangers dress up as ‘beasts’ and go on blind dates. 

Yes, we’re not making this up. It’s real. They go bowling, mix drinks and even go to the gun range, dressed as pandas and chipmunks and whatnot. 

These prosthetics sure seem to make the dating experience ‘exotic’. 

So do you know what the contestants look like in real life? Not until you pick your partner. Who obviously will be gorgeous because Netflix’s dating shows only have conventionally good-looking people. 

This show is all about falling in love with the ‘personality’. 

Watch the trailer here:

Twitter obviously has some very interesting things to say about the show:

Even Looney Tunes couldn’t help but cash in

The show is based on a U.K. series, which already had two seasons and Netflix just decided to take it up a notch. We won’t say we hate the idea because it sure does look entertaining. 

All images are screenshots from the trailer.