’Tis the season to curl up in your blanket and let Netflix ensure you stay there. With psychological thrillers and horrors that involve stuff of real-life nightmares, online streaming is the place to be for your stay deep under covers.

And its latest offering ‘You’ is yet another brilliant addition to the list of shows that’ll ruin your sleep in more ways than one.

Set in our contemporary times — where we live our lives on social media — the story revolves around a dangerously obsessed stalker, Joe (Penn Badgley) and his muse, Beck (Elizabeth Lail). While Joe seems like just another average millennial (average Joe, if you will), his inner monologue is what drives the narrative forward and tells us just how truly frightening stalkers are.

One episode down and I’m already hooked to this madness. And towards the end, I’m pretty sure I’ll be erasing my existence from social media. In its own menacing Black Mirror-esque way, the show warns you of the perils of social media — a cautionary tale in the world of over-sharers and TMI. 

In an age where privacy is pretty much dead, it is far too simple to know your every move and pretty much every aspect of your life. Down to your exact coordinates on a GPS satellite, it is possible to get to know where you are, who you’re with, and so much more. And ‘You’ warns you about how we’ve basically made our lives the hotbed of stalkers and unwelcome attention.

While it may be mildly hectic for those who’ve not completely warmed up to the thriller genre, it is a must-watch nonetheless. And if you’re big on social media, love posting stories every place you go, and geo-tag your location before you even enter the threshold of a new place YOU will be afraid. Very afraid.