Vidya Balan, whom we last saw on screen in Sherniposted a picture on her social media accounts celebrating the wrap of her upcoming romantic comedy-drama. And the photo, and her co-star, Pratik Gandhi, already have us screaming in excitement about the project. 

The movie is directed by filmmaker Shirsha Guha Thakurta. The movie stars Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Sendhil Ramamurthy, and Ileana D’Cruz as the lead actors.

India Today

The movie wrapped up its shooting in Ooty and Pratik Gandhi, of Scam 1992 fame, looks completely unrecognizable. I cannot wait to see what fresh perspective the movie will offer with a cast this amazing. A female director is just the icing on this much anticipated delicious cake.

Netizens also shared their excitement about the film:

Can’t wait for this one to hit our screens!