Having a little one join the family is both a very joyous and momentous thing. A lot of times, the baby completely turns a married couple’s life on its head. While they cope with the trials of parenthood, all they can talk about is the baby and they even begin to coax their married friends to go ahead and plan to extend their families. These are things that all new parents say to their friends;

1) Aren’t you planning yet?

Your friend is now a mother. She would now want you to divulge all details of your “planning”, and whether you are ready or not, their expressions and mannerisms will nudge you to go for the thing!

2) Have a baby, and then we will see!

That’s what new parents say every time they miss parties and get-togethers, thanks to the naughty little one. You even offer to baby-sit but then you are met with “Sorry, we can’t make it, Brian doesn’t eat his lunch if he starts playing with other kids.”

3) Let me tell you about my pregnancy woes, so that you’re prepared.

Not now, please!  I am still in my honeymoon period and don’t want to hear scary stories about labor pain, contractions, the time your water broke or the time baby was stuck somewhere for long?

4) I have no time to remain fit!

Well, everybody knows that you had a baby but that was 3 years ago! Nobody expects you to hit the gym with a vengeance but how about some yoga or meditation? Won’t the baby love to have a hot-mommy/ daddy to show off in front of friends?

5) Sleep, what’s that?

Melancholy tales of yet another sleepless night are narrated by them at office or at a kitty party (If at all they can make it!). Yes, the toddler might be giving you a tough times but haven’t we all done the same to our parents?

6) You guys have fun. Our lives are over now!

This one is the mother of all lines. They have all said this sometime or the other. And I thought having a kid itself means beginning of a new life!

7) Keep it low, I’ve just put her to sleep!

You are approaching the climax of your exciting gossip, all eyes are on you, ears are wide open, jaws are beginning to drop and then… the end.

8) Why don’t you guys come over at our place? You see we are the ones with a baby!

Why not? My husband’s first birthday after marriage will be celebrated at your place, even if you live like two hours away! After all, you have a baby.

9) How was the movie, we haven’t seen one like in two years!

You chatter animatedly over the phone all gushing about the newest bloke who acted in the latest hit. There’s silence on the other end. You realize all this was Greek to your pal as it’s been forever since she watched a movie!

10) Do you know a nanny?

No, I don’t. But before you realize it, you are interviewing nannies with your friends. And suddenly, you have all funny names stored in your address book like Shruti’s Baby’s Nanny or Naina’s Krish’s Teacher !

11. Sorry, I didn’t see the phone when you called!

Yes this person was the very buddy you talked to for hours when you were in college. Sigh! Now when she calls you back after like 3 days, you forget why you had called her up in the first place!

12. We have started saving; everything is so expensive these days!

Every time you’re going for a reunion , a trip or even a movie, you have to hear them lamenting about expensive medical bills and school admissions and what a big bad expensive world we live in! Erm, thanks for the warning?

13. Of course, I have changed, I am a parent now!

This one is sure to make you nostalgic if not straightaway startle you. If you remind them of your college days or the last trip you guys had been to together,you will be met with a sigh. Those were the days. And somehow, along with these new parents, your life too changes.

Those tiny toes, puppy eyes, chubby cheeks, ruffly hair, innocent laughter fill your lives with sunshine and your life changes forever. Sure, you have priorities far greater than anyone else, ones that a non-parent would not understand. But what’s important is to try and feel less baby blues and see the sunny side of life instead.