Tiger King, a show with otherworldly characters involved in outlandish schemes, has been capturing the imagination of the locked down world for some weeks now. The docu-series gave us a peep into the world of big cats that not many knew about, a world that truly makes you wonder ‘what the fuck?’. 

If you were left high and dry after the last episode, wondering just what Joe Exotic (who’s now in prison serving a 22 year sentence for plotting to murder Carole Baskin) is up to – there’s a new episode coming.

The episode, which is an after-show, will be hosted by comedian Joel McHale and will likely feature interviews relating to how the show has affected those involved. It’s out on April 12.

Since the show released, it has seen an explosion in popularity, but also courted controversy from animal-rights groups pertaining to the treatment meted out to big cats. However, Carole Baskin told Entertainment Weekly that she would not be involved.

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Just a few more days and then we get another look at the world of the Tiger King, a meth-soaked wonderland where anything can happen and rules don’t matter. Let’s see what happens.