Just to be clear, before Nick Jonas was our national jiju, we all were future Mrs. Jonasโ€™ married to this chocolate boy in our head. But now that times have changed, I feel like Nick Jonas has proved himself to be the honorary Desi Boy:ย 

Literally every Jonas Brothers fan at the airport when Nick landed in India for the first time.ย 

I mean, for starters can I please point out how sanskari AF our national jiju is.ย 


Priyanka ke naam ki mehendi bhi lagyi thi, jiju ne.ย ย 

Just like every other desi kid from the 90s, Nick bhaiya has admitted on social media that his style icon was Govinda.ย 


His thumkas on Desi Girl almost gave PeeCee a run for her money.ย 

India Forum

He proved his commitment to being the best desi boy in town when he embraced the 3-day-long big fat Indian wedding.ย 


Nick bhaiya wanted to be so desi that he kept aside his baseball cap and picked up a cricket bat for his love.ย 

Filmi Beat

Is anybody up for a Hum Aapke Hain Kaun reboot because Nickโ€™s family will be the perfect cast.ย 


Just like all of us, Nickโ€™s hype music is his Bollywoodย  jam.

Have you ever wondered how his dance steps can perfectly match Bollywood songs?ย 

Here is a video of jiju dancing to โ€˜Mere Pant Bhi Sexyโ€™ with a crossover of Cool.

Pyaar mein toh Nick even did the cliched Bollywood scene where he lifted Priyanka.ย ย 


Weโ€™re so sure that heโ€™ll be grateful for this honour and come on guys, he has worked pretty hard for it.ย 


On our honourary Desi Boyโ€™s birthday, we hope that jijaji ko kisi ki nazar na lage.ย