I’ve always believed that watching cartoons is crucial to a child’s development. In fact, when I was a kid, my first ‘novel’ (oh, the folly of being a novice writer) was inspired by a creepy children’s show with aliens. But isn’t that the beauty of cartoons? Their world is endless, mysterious, funny; sans limits and boundaries. They teach children to dream, to aim, and to believe. 

Like it is with any other child, Nickelodeon was a huge part of my childhood. I mean, if your heart didn’t melt when Spongebob asked Patrick what he did all day without him, and the latter replied ‘Wait for you’, you are not human. So, when I say that our childhoods would be incomplete without good ol’ Nick, I wouldn’t be wrong. That’s why I am looking forward to their new show, Gattu and Battu. 

Featuring Nickelodeon’s 4th original Indian characters, the eponymous show is India’s first detective show for kids and follows the story of two friends, Gattu and Battu, who run a detective agency in the quaint town of Vishrampur. Like the classic case of Best Friends Made For Each Other, they complement each other wonderfully, with Battu repeatedly getting into trouble with his antics and Gattu bailing him out. Needless to say, this one sounds like a whooper. 

Check out the promo for the show below: