In GoT8 Ep 2, we see the army of the dead marching towards Winterfell. In the teaser of Episode 3, Jon says ‘the Night King is coming’, but did you actually spot him there?


No, right? A very interesting Reddit theory that speculates about Night King and his plans is going viral and it has turned our world upside down.

The Reddit thread, ‘Night King is not stupid‘ proposes that the wight dude is obviously not going to kamikaze his most important asset, Viserion. So, it only makes sense for him to find another target AKA King’s Landing.


I’ll give you some time to process this theory, coz this is crazy. And knowing all the twists and turns the makers of GoT have served us with, we know the plotline of the battle of the living and the dead ain’t gonna be that straightforward.

To further support the theory, remember when our boy, Bran, heading North with his gang in Season 4 Ep 2, touched some tree and had a spooky series of visions?


Yeah, so all of those visions have played out in the time span of the subsequent episodes, except for one.

In one of those visions, he sees a destroyed throne room and a dragon shadow that passes over the King’s Landing.


Then, there was this vision Dany had way back in season 2, in episode 10- where she sees King Landing destroyed and covered in snow.


I don’t like how the dots are connecting themselves. 

We know that the Night King’s army is big enough to be split into parts. Plus, King’s Landing will offer him a much bigger population, than Winterfell, to turn into wights.

In Episode 7 of the previous season, The Dragon and the Wolf, Dany says that there were 100,000 in the Night King’s army. Now, imagine how much his army must have been multiplied after the Wall fell.


The fact that GoT Ep 2 has already told us about the plan of the Team ‘Living’- that they’re gonna bait out Bran and then kill the Night King- then you can easily assume that’s exactly what’s not going to happen.

It’s a classic twist prep, we know.


The mere speculation has turned into a logical twist and the netizens are not okay.

How do I unlearn this theory?