Intimacy in Bollywood has come a long way. From flowers cuddling up instead of the lead actors to well, Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom. But it looks like the pandemic is going to send us back a few decades when it comes to kissing on-screen. 


As Bollywood gets ready to resume shooting, we can’t help but wonder what we should be expecting. Of course actors would be asked to practice social distancing, even from each other so how will this affect their chemistry?


If the lead actors will be expected to practice social distancing, forget about the elaborate dance sequences Bollywood loves. Chances are, we’ll see our leading pair dancing 6-feet apart and romancing each other with their eyes. 

Indian Express

Will we be blessed with a Wes Anderson-esque setting with crisp scenes and minimal shots? Or will we see several close up shots of the actors as they say their dialogues individually?  

Cinematic intimacy will take time to return. I can’t imagine us sweating and close dancing in a film immediately. We surely will have to reinvent a working style and be cautious. Not because of lack of ideas but purely behavioural changes on sets in terms of being careful about hygiene and not overcrowding among other things. It surely is an area of concern. 

-Sanjay Suri told PTI

Over 500,000 daily wage labourers work in the Hindi film industry so even if the staff is cut down during the shoots, the hundreds of people that make a film possible will still find it difficult to take necessary precautions. 

Producers’ Guild has submitted guidelines of on-set safety measures for when the shooting resumes. This includes the deep cleaning of hair and make-up products, mandatory masks and gloves for make-up artists and other present on set. 

Actors and all other related professionals will be tested and all chairs and furniture will be covered with thick plastic that will be regularly sanitised. Apart from this, actors have been asked to not have more than 5 people in a trailer and use disposable cutlery.

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We look forward to seeing how different these films shot in lockdown would appear. And maybe this will prove be a chance for filmmakers to get creative with their storylines.