Does anyone remember how much we all loved all the songs Emraan Hashmi featured in? He certainly had good luck on his side, and that too, to a point where all the songs he was in, became so popular!

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So let us take a walk down memory lane and take a look at the most iconic songs Emraan featured in, shall we?

1. Jhalak Dikhlaja

I bet everyone tried doing that index-finger-in-the-air dance step when this one blew up (even if that was all alone in our rooms). 

2. Aap Ki Kashish

Even all the thirteen, fourteen year olds who thought that hanging out with their crush every day at lunch, sharing a packet of Fun Flips was love, turned the volume up listening to this. 

3. Kaho Na Kaho

The chemistry between Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi was very good in this film, and it was all the more evident in this song!

4. Aashiq Banaya Aapne

What was it about Himesh Reshammiya’s nasal singing that had everyone daydreaming about their crush? Or had everyone thinking they knew what serious heartbreaks are all about? 

5. Woh Lamhe

I’ve cried listening to this song without having a reason to do so; like, without a boyfriend or ‘lamhe’ to miss. 

6. Aadat 

Once again, Aadat was such an iconic song when it came out, and everyone got emotional listening to it. 

7. Juda Hoke Bhi 

Same with this track. Both Aadat and Juda Hoke Bhi are songs surrounding themes of heartbreak – which means lots of feels and tears while listening to them.

8. Toh Phir Aao

Toh Phir Aao was (can still be) a great song to just cry to if you needed to let out pent up emotions – for real! 

9. Woh Ajnabee

Woh Ajnabee from The Train was pretty much an unsaid party song of that era. 

10. Bheegey Hont

This one I have very little opinions about because my mom would’ve killed me if she had found me listening to it. But I do know that this song is what gave Emraan Hashmi the serial kisser title! 

11. Tu Hi Haqeeqat

Oh man, Tu Hi Haqeeqat was from the phase when Emraan Hashmi had glowed up a bit and I honestly think that impacted the success of this song quite a bit. Though yes of course, Pritam and Javed Ali are responsible for most of its likeability!

12. Soniye 

Okay, so – obviously the kissing scenes are a huge part of this song’s vibe. But, apart from that, the composition was good and everyone was hooked onto it in no time! So, can’t forget this iconic track. 

13. Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai

Okay, okay, admit it, we all wanted someone to sing this one for us, or at the very least, listen to it thinking of us (or maybe that was just me). *hides face*

14. Zara Sa

Jannat really served us with this beautiful song. Zara Sa was peak romance and it’s just the right speed, relaxed and pleasant. Still a great one to have in your playlist! 

15. Mere Bina

Cute. This is the word that comes to mind when one listens to Mere Bina – a fresh, romantic and cute song that communicates the emotion behind first dates or new relationships well.

16. Phir Mohabbat

Many of us have that moment when we’re about to fall in love and go, ‘not again’. This song is the best to listen to in those times.

17. Hale Dil

Who didn’t listen to Hale Dil and truly vibe to it? This was a good one. And, still is!

18. Pee Loon 

Another very iconic song. Pee Loon was so catchy that everyone was humming its tune when it released. 

19. Ishq Sufiyana

One of the best songs from the film Dirty Picture. This was a pleasant, romantic number. 

20. Tere Hoke Rahengay

I used to listen to this one on repeat, and probably still can. Tere Hoke Rahengay is a solid Bollywood love song. 

Which one will you be listening to now?