Kareena Kapoor Khan said she is not working out to attain a size-zero figure as she believes gaining weight post-pregnancy is a natural process.

The 36-year-old actress, who gave birth to baby boy Taimur last year in December, was seen going to the gym soon after the delivery. Soon, her Twitter feed was spammed with comments shaming her for hitting the gym so soon after her delivery. 

“If I am going to the gym, it’s not about getting size zero. So many people and girls went like, ‘Why does she have to leave her baby and go to the gym?’ I read these comments and I feel that’s the most stupid thing ever because having a child doesn’t mean you can’t feel good.

b”Kareena says if she is going to the gym, it’s not about getting size zero| Source: Instagram”

“If you are feeling good, if your mental health is good then automatically your child feels well. Taimur is happy and everyone is happy. I am one of the most relaxed and chilled out girls,” Kareena told reporters.

The actress was speaking at the launch of Rujuta Diwekar’s book “Pregnancy Notes” on Saturday evening.

When asked if there was pressure to shed weight and achieve a certain body type, Kareena said, “The most normal thing that a woman goes through in childbirth and every woman puts on weight, it’s important and it happens naturally.”

“I never felt any pressure. The idea behind me going to the gym came from the fact that I wanted to feel good and happy.”

(Feature Image Source: Instagram)