Akshay Kumar just revealed the first look of his film Bachchan Pandey which will release in January, 2021. Now, while the look is 'different' all it does is remind us of all the movies and TV shows it's 'inspired' from. Because to be honest, it is anything but original. 

First and foremost, Jack Sparrow ka bandana churaya

bachchan pandey
Source: The Daily Star

Jason Momoa's body and beard, which is actually working for Akshay Kumar. 

jason momoa bachchan pandey
Source: Man of many

Remember when Thor had a fake eye? Bachchan Pandey is basically the low-budget version of that. 

thor bachchan pandey
Source: YouTube

Huston, I think we've got a problem! Because Bachchan Pandey stole all of Bappi Lahiri's gold chains. 

bappi lahiri bachchan pandey
Source: Daily Hunt

And last but not the least, they stole Amitabh Bachchan's name. Is nothing sacred in Bollywood?