In a new controversy surrounding the censor board, the makers of a crime thriller have decided to take the legal route to protest the cuts suggested by CBFC. 

The CBFC is now at loggerheads with the makers of ‘Missing On A Weekend’, who have alleged that the board has asked for “unjustified” cuts in the film. 

The director of the film, Abhishek Jawkar, has openly criticised the censor board’s decision.

He told Mid-day,

“We were expecting the Board to get back to us within a week, but when we did not get any date from them, we approached them again only to be told that it does not feature in their preview list. The screening took place later and we got to know that the CBFC has demanded unjustified cuts. This has been communicated to us verbally. How can they ask us to remove ‘Goa’ from a dialogue, ‘Goa mein ladkiyon ke bhav main tolmol hota hai, mukhtaar ke maal mein nahi’ when the film is set in that very state?

The makers say they have lost faith in the censor board and are determined to deal with the issue in a legal manner.

The director has further made claims regarding the removal of the term “Goa” from the film.

He told Mid-day,

“The PR representing Goa tourism has told us that we should put disclaimers saying ‘This has not been shot in Goa’ every time there is a mention of Goa. We declare at the start of the film that the film is a work of fiction, but can’t have a disclaimer popping up on screen every time someone utters the state’s name. Their argument is that their tourism will suffer if we don’t do it, but I am not buying their point,

The filmmaker even tweeted and expressed his displeasure:

Watch the trailer of Missing On A Weekend  here: