Game of Thrones is back with its 7th season and it looks promising so far. After the huge success of the 1st episode, we have been given a very brief preview into the 2nd episode of the season. However, this preview has one very important detail that has got us all happy and excited. The preview hints at the possible reunion of Arya and her long-lost direwolf, Nymeria!

When the direwolves were first introduced in the show, we did not know much about how important they are going to be. But eventually, we see them as faithful creatures sticking by their owners, ever ready to protect them. 


As soon as we had started getting fond of these overgrown beautiful creatures, one by one we saw all the Stark children lose their direwolves in unfortunate circumstances beginning with Sansa’s Lady. The poor direwolf had to die for no fault of her own. Again Joffrey is to be blamed- he had ordered the execution of Nymeria but Arya sent her away to protect her and young Lady had to be executed in her place. It was one of the most unfair deaths of all and one of the many reasons we hate the spoiled Joffrey.


The fierce Grey Wind adopted by Robb Stark was killed at the infamous Red Wedding and his head was sewn on Robb’s decapitated body.  The Freys are literally the worst!


Another of the direwolves, Shaggydog, the one adopted by Rickon Stark was killed by the treacherous Umbers! 


Our heart broke every time a direwolf was killed but the most tragic death so far was of Summer! He had saved Bran from the attack by the assassin and then accompanied him throughout in his journey beyond the wall. He died protecting Bran from the Wights and the toughest of us must have shed a tear then!


After all this slaughter only 2 of the 6 direwolves are left and we all are impatiently waiting for Jon and Arya to reunite with their direwolves. Unfortunately, Arya has never really had a chance to be with her direwolf Nymeria. Thus, the preview of episode 2 has got all our hopes really high as the direwolf looks an awful lot like Nymeria. We are rooting for Arya and Nymeria’s reunion from the bottom of our hearts as we are totally ready to see some direwolf action on screen!

We hope that it’s true and Arya doesn’t have to roam all alone in the world anymore. We know how deeply she loves her direwolf and TBH this girl deserves some happiness.

Here’s the full preview.