It is legendary. And like anything legendary, it is known by many names. “Budha Sadhu.” “Regular Use Medicine.” Ring a bell? We are talking about the scotch of Rums, the one and only, Old Monk. The Rum has legions of adoring (bordering on fanatic) fans who will throw away a bottle of the finest single malt just for a peg of sweet Old Monk. This is why:

1. Old Monk heals

When it’s not mending broken hearts, it doubles as a kick ass antiseptic.


2. People get poetic when they drink it

This guy actually wrote a poem on Old Monk itself (click on the image to read it).

3. Pirates love rum

Pirates are bad-ass. Old Monk is bad-ass. Admit it Jack Sparrow wouldn’t be half as awesome without rum.


4. Old Monk is such a hit, it has sequels

Two more variants of the happy juice have hit the market. One is called “Old Monk Gold Reserve” and the other “Old Monk Supreme.” Two more reasons to celebrate.


5. Some have actually campaigned to make Old Monk the national drink of India

Here’s Heartranjan’s blog . Go figure.    


6. You can have it any way you please

You can drink it anytime and with anyone. You can have it neat, with Coke or with soda. You can have it in happiness or in sadness, to celebrate the present or to forget the past.


7. Like we said, Old Monk is to drinkers what cats are to the internet

Ever heard of     COMRADE     (Council of Old Monk Rum Addicted Drinkers and Eccentrics)? These guys could build shrines to the stuff. Maybe they already have.


8. It’s a goddamn cult brand!

It’s the Chuck Norris of Rums. And it’s right up there with Royal Enfield and Thums Up. On that note, have some Old Monk with Thums Up. Cheers.


9. Old Monk has legendary medicinal properties

    Take it for anything from a running nose to scurvy.

10. Old Monk is the drink of the people

From rickshaw-pullers to millionaires, everyone swears by the Monk.