Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most talented actors in our industry. He is quite literally a legend, what with the powerful combination of talent and hard work the celeb encompasses. SRK has done over a hundred films throughout his career and has won a total of 21 awards for the work he’s done. 

His success and career moves are the reason he is such an idol. So it makes sense that his interviews are watched with such a sense of inspiration. But, apart from the enormous brand name the actor has created for himself, his humbleness and compassion is also something that has won over people’s hearts. In fact, this is crystal clear in an old interview of him that we happened to have stumbled across on srk.1000.musings‘ Instagram page. 

In the interview the celeb is seen talking about the progress he’s made in his acting career. But in the same breath, he turns around and says he’s gotten more than he deserves!

Shah Rukh Khan’s constant gratefulness and humble attitude has always left people even more awestruck than before they’ve heard him speak his mind. The actor has never taken his career for granted, and continues to work for everything he receives. He’s truly a marvel. 

You can watch the clip from the interview here. 

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He’s known as King Khan for a reason!