He is the king of playback singing. His honey-dew voice and perfect musical notes can give you goosebumps and his boyish charm has won him many hearts worldwide. Yes, we are talking about our very own Sonu Nigam and believe you me, when we talk of pure, unadulterated & un-doctored singing, he’s still the very best. 

While Sonu himself has cut down on the amount of work he does in the commercial space, his fans can feel the void. With more and more singers, rappers and technologies coming into play, that classic Sonu Nigam feel to songs is something we can never get over, and dearly miss. 

So we decided to dig for songs that made him the man that he is today. The songs we used to trip over, back in the ’90s, the songs that got totally lost in the cluttered music scene of today.

So, it’s time to rewind and let the magic take over:


1. Is Kadar Pyar Hai – Deewana (1999)

This was the song that strengthened our belief in love. When the handsome Milind Soman finds his childhood friend on a bus, we were convinced that they were made for each other. This, with Sonu Nigam’s mesmerizing voice made for a spectacular combination. 


2. Jaane Dil Mein Kabse Hai Tu – Mujhse Dosti Karoge (2002)

Sonu Nigam has always been a Yash Raj favourite and even though the movie was not able to create a stir, the songs were quite a hit, especially this one. Every time this movie is on TV, we watch it for this song. Don’t we!?


3. Ab Mujhe Raat Din (1999) – Deewana

A little cottage, snowfall, slow dancing and a good looking couple. That’s the video, but what takes the cake is the beautiful song which can put other romantic songs to shame even today.


4. Yeh Dil Deewana – Pardes (1997)

Only when we thought Sonu’s songs were all romance and no passion, this happened. With SRK’s energetic performance and Sonu Nigam’s power packed singing, this one is still a total bomb!



5. Bijuria Bijuria – Mausam (1999)

This is the song that ruled the dance floors back in 1999. One of the most peppy numbers by Sonu Nigam, this song is a personal favorite. Also, don’t miss the video, it has some crazy special effects that will blow your mind!



6. Rabba Mere Rabba – Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai (2001)

Yes, this was Tusshar Kapoor’s debut movie and is not one of the best things you’d want to see. But then there was this song which totally made it worth for us. Thank God for Sonu Nigam!



7. Tera Milna Pal Do Pal Ka – Jaan (2000)

This was the song that had Bipasha Basu paired with Sonu Nigam and man, were they good together! This was for every lovelorn aashiq of the millennium.


8. Kyon Hawa – Veer Zaara (2004)

Remember how Veer Zaara started with a picturesque song with SRK strolling in the meadows and a melodious song playing in the background? This is that song and it’s absolutely delightful.



9. Tu Fiza Hai – Fiza (2000)

Fiza was one of the most widely appreciated movies by critics back in 2000. And this heart warming song, sung by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik, captured the essence of the movie perfectly.


10. Ek Bewafa Hai – Bewafa (2005)

One of the top songs on the 2005 charts, this one was special. That’s what every 2000’s kid sang when they were given the letter ‘E’ in Antaakshari, or was it only me!?



11. Aaj Ki Raat – Don (2006)

Why would anyone remake a legendary classic in the first place?  But, if they did, it better be good. Not only was Farhan Akhtar’s Don good, its music was kickass too. And this song by Sonu Nigam became the perfect party starter.


12. Deewana Tera – Deewana (1999)

Another mind blowing track from another amazing Sonu Nigam album! This one is an all-time favorite and gets me singing as dramatically as possible.


13. Dekho Na – Fanaa (2006)

Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik together are pure magic. The song is a depiction of pure romance and with Aamir and Kajol in the video, it’s a treat to both our eyes and ears. 



14. Mohabbat Kabhi Maine Ki To Nahi Thi – Yaad (2001)

There are bikes and a horse ranch in this video and this was what dreams were made of for all the young boys back in 2001. Riding your bike/horse with a Sonu Nigam song in the background are life goals right there!


15. Chamakti Shaam Hai – Yaadein (2001)

2001 was a glorious year. Even though this movie failed to make a mark, it was the songs that went on to become successful. And how can we forget this peppy number from Yaadein which not only gave us a tune to dance to but also some serious not-so-fashionable goals.  



Honestly, this list could go on forever, but we’ll stop here and give you some time to cherish this dose of nostalgia.Also, go ahead, update your playlists already!