Shah Rukh Khan’s opinions on religion and love have always been progressive and ahead of their time. One can roll back to almost any interview of his from the past, even something from 2 decades ago, and they will find that he has always been inclusive, and respectful towards everyone’s faith.

In a specific that is now doing rounds on the internet, Shah Rukh can be seen talking to Farida Jalaal about his wedding.


Everyone knows that Shah Rukh and Gauri had an inter-faith marriage. Now, because SRK did not want to offend anyone on Gauri’s side of the family, he decided to show interest in everything that was happening during the Hindu wedding. And the result? Well…

Anyway, even though there were murmurs in the old-fashioned family.

Shah Rukh did not take anything to heart. As a matter of fact, he took a very important lesson back with him.

He is simply the best. You can watch the video here: