They say that the past will always come back to haunt you. Now I know what it looks like because I have seen some weird clips from an old interview of Saif Ali Khan on Twitter.

Internet is a strange place so it was not a surprise when one of Saif Ali Khan’s old interviews, recently went viral on Twitter.

In what seems to be an interview from the 2000s, Saif is talking about poetry and his hobbies but apparently none of what he says makes sense.

When the interviewer asked him who was his favourite poet, Saif said that it was Faiz and Ghalib. And then he instantly denied it by saying this is all rubbish. (Just like him wearing shades)

Yeh meri dadi padhti thi aur mere abba padhte hai. Yeh koi umar hai in sab cheezon ko padhne ka?

Not just this, he went on to say that he has read a lot of western poetry. Reason? 

I have read a lot of western poetry kyunki main vahin padha tha. Lekin mere abba kehte hai ki Faiz is a phenomenal poet. Aur padhne jaye to Quran Sharif bhi gazab ki poetry hai.

Another clip from the same interview shows him talking about the books he has read.

I used to read Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead and all. And trashy reading… Ummm… Yeah I read a lot of stuff. From serious literature to rubbish. Even rubbish is good fun some times. Rubbish matlab P.G. Wodhouse. It’s not rubbish at all but it’s not intellectually very heavy.

While it seems difficult to make sense of his words, netizens got meaningful content. Because senseless videos are also fun sometimes (as Saif would say).

On digging further, we found the original interview clip. It’s from the DD National show Subah Savere. You can watch the interview here. You won’t regret watching it, trust me.