We Bet You Can’t Score More Than 5 In This Tough ‘Om Shanti Om’ Quiz

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It's been 14 years since we saw Om Shanti Om for the film time in theatres. But this iconic movie is still fresh in our minds because of its brilliant soundtrack and wholesome masala content. So if you think, you're a true blue Bollywood fan, let's see how well you remember this cult film. 

What was Om's nickname as a junior artist?

Who's the actor whose name Om wants to change? 

What is Om's one and only dialogue in this scene?

What is Om's name as a rising star in the south?

Where do Shanti and Om die in the first half of the film?

Whose daughter does Mukesh marry after murdering Shantipriya?

Complete this song lyric - "Dil Tod Gaya Mujhse Chod Gaya Woh Peechle Mahine Ki ___ Ko"

What's the name of this superhero?

How many stars, apart from the cast, appeared in the song "Deewangi Deewangi"

What is the name of this character who is chosen to play Shantipriya's role in Om Shanti Om?

Where did Mukesh bury Shantipriya's body?

Time to rewatch the film!


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