Over the years, certain movies and shows have given us beautiful on-screen friendships that had us calling up our girlfriends and letting them know just how special they truly are. 

So, here’s a look at some of the most amazing cinematic moments that celebrated the true spirit of galentines: 

1. Queen: When Vijaylaxmi reminds Rani “Vijay nahi toh kya, Vijaylaxmi toh hai.”

After helping Rani stand on her own feet, Vijaylaxmi reminds her that just because she doesn’t have a romantic partner, does not mean she doesn’t have someone to stand by her side. 

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: When Rosa convinces Amy to not let go of her true self in order to prove her worth in a male-dominated profession. 

Amy is wary of taking time off work for wedding duties but Rosa makes her realize that owning up to her desires will not make her any less of a cop. And then goes wedding dress shopping with her. 

3. Sex Education: When all the girls together get on the bus to help Aimee. 

When Aimee confesses to her friends and classmates about how she can’t take the bus after being assaulted sexually on it, they come together to take the bus with her, silently offering the support and courage she needs. 

4. Chak De! India: When Chautala passes the ball to Preeti during the final match. 

While the entire team physically standing up to eve-teasers will always remain memorable, Chautala supporting Preeti’s goal, metaphorically and literally, is one of the finest examples of female friendship on-screen. Being the greatest comes at a cost. Friendship doesn’t have to be it. 

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: When Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica drank beer in wedding dresses. 

While there are numerous emotional moments the trio go through, nothing beats this scene. Because being friends mean being unapologetically and comfortably weird and awkward together.  


6. Veere Di Wedding: When Kalindi’s friends walk her down the aisle. 

If your friends can lift you up when life throws you down, they can certainly lift your “phoolon ki chadar” as you walk down the aisle! 


10. Never Have I Ever: When Fabiola comes out to Eleanor

Sharing something as intimate and personal as your sexual orientation can be scary, even if the person you’re sharing the information with is your BFF. And that’s why Eleanor’s heartfelt hug is absolutely perfect. 

8. Parks and Recreation: When Ann and Leslie have a drunken fight/say goodbye to each other

The woman who gave us Galentines Day, Leslie Knope, also gave us one of the most iconic yet realistic fictional female friendships ever in her relationship with Ann. And when the two part ways because life comes in the way, their goodbye is a bittersweet reminder that while distance may not ruin true friendships, it still sucks to not have your best friend close by. 

9. Aaja Nachle: When Najma admits her mistakes and risks her marriage to help Dia out. 

Being best friends does not mean never making mistakes. But rather, it means not letting mistakes or distance, come in the way of a friendship that remains true. 

10. Sex And The City 2: When Carrie rushes to see her friends’ advice after kissing Adrian. 

There’s not much about the film that is worth committing to the memory. But nothing sums up Galentines Day better than Samantha’s remark about how their friendship goes beyond both, random one-night stands and life-altering events, like becoming a parent. 


11. Ladybird: Ladybird and Julie crash into the prom

Okay, crying over Dave Mathews’ song almost made it but let’s be honest, it’s so rare for a movie to showcase teenagers celebrating pivotal moments of their lives with their friends, and not their partners. When in reality, from our freshers’ parties to our farewell dances, every event is incomplete without our friends. And Ladybird and Julie crashing into the prom, is as special as it gets. 

12. Dor: When Meera runs away with Zeenat

Emphatic, empowering, and most importantly, honest, Meera running away with Zeenat was a heartbreaking but much-needed reminder of how girlfriends really, truly are our strongest support system. 


Because with some friends, every day is Galentines!