Virat Kohli’s old car – Audi R8 – which was once one of his favourites now lies abandoned in a Mumbai ground and people have been sharing pictures of it.

Virat was spotted driving the car multiple times back in the day and so was Chris Gayle, who was visiting India with his team and was loaned the Audi by the Indian skipper for his time in the country. 


But how did the car get to this condition?

Well, Virat sold it to a broker named Sagar Thakkar AKA ‘Shaggy’. The guy allegedly bought the car for his girlfriend but got caught in a scam soon after. As a result of which, Mumbai police seized his assets including the Audi R8. 


Post that, the vehicle has been resting in Mumbai police grounds, with no one to look after it. 

It was earlier reported that during the floods, the car was completely ruined and would flow from corner to another.

Shaggy bought the car for ₹60 lakh, while its original cost was ₹2.5 crores.


Meanwhile, Virat went on to buy many other luxury cars including Bentley Continental GT, Land Rover Range Rover Vogue, etc.