While you are isolating, here are 5 online games that you can play to keep yourself busy and to keep your mind off of everything that is happening around you. 

1. Skribbl

This game is basically online pictionary and trust me, it is the next best thing to the real pictionary with real people. You can opt to play with strangers or even create a private chat room to play only with your friends. There is a feature that lets you video call your friends as well, ensuring that you don’t feel lonely. It is ideal to ease your mind off and engage in all sorts of creativity.


2. Cards against humanity

If you are looking for creative ways to hangout with your friends during this period of social distancing, this is just the right game for you. It is literally the same as the original “Cards Against Humanity” but more fun because of the added virtual feel to it.


3. UNO

Again, if you love UNO too much but can’t afford to have your cards touched by others due to the whole coronavirus scare, you can resort to the same game online and bam, there is no touching there but you still get to play


4. Monopoly

If you are someone that misses all those game nights when all of your friends, cousins and relatives got together to play monopoly post dinner or lunch, you have another option. You can still recreate those game nights but now, online. It is ideal to play monopoly when you have a lot of time to spare and are craving something else to do ther than procrastinate or watch netflix.   


5. Psych 

Psych is pretty psych tbh. It is perfect for friends because you get to answer questions ranging from general trivia all the way to more personal, fun questions about each other! All you need to do is write a convincing answer for each question and if most of the participants choose your answer, your answer wins even if it may not be the right answer.