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Only A 'Hero' Fan Of Enrique Iglesias Will Be Able To Complete The Lyrics Of These Songs

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Were you 'addicted' to the 'hero' of Latin pop as a kid? Is Enrique Iglesias the reason you list Latin and Spanish as known languages in your CV?

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Then you, my friend, should take this quiz: 

1. Let's start with an easy one. What line comes after, "Would you cry, if you saw me crying"

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2. Let's amp it up a bit. Fill the blanks in this line:  Te quiero __, bailamos

3. Remember all that Whitney and Enrique ask for in Could I Have This Kiss Forever? Then pick the right line from the following: 

4. The year is 2003. You're listening to the song on repeat. So, what comes after the line, "Baby I'm addicted, I'm out of control"

5. 'Do you know' what will complete this verse: 
Do you know what it feels like
To be the last one to know.....

6. Which folklore character is mentioned in this verse from tired of being sorry?
With all the ____ and their brides 
We're all bloodless and blind 
And longing for a life 
Beyond the silver moon

7. The love you gave Enrique and Ciara will help you pick the lines that come after, 
"Go ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free"

8. We don't love to see you cry, we only love to see you finish the verse: 
I don't know why, why, but I love to see you cry

9. Pick the lines that begin the song Somebody's Me:

10. There is a clean version and a dirty version of this Enrique song. But both the versions include the following lines: 

11. We're almost at the end of the ride. All you need to do is fill in the blank and name this song: Can you _ me?

12. You can't escape the last question. Pick the right chorus: 


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