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If You Get Full Marks In This Ultimate 'Nayak' Quiz, You Deserve To Be CM For A Day

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Long before our Singhams and Dabanggs we had Nayak - the story of a common man rising up to perform his duty for the nation, thereby gifting us peak Indian cinema. So true fans, get started on the quiz: 

1. What was the name of the company Shivaji Rao Gaekwad worked for?

via NDTV

2. Manjri had a special nickname for Shivaji. What was it?

via IMDb

3. What was Shivaji's father's profession?

4. When Shivaji is made CM for a day, Manjri asks him to change his shirt because she does not like the color. What color does she ask him to wear?

via IMDb

5. Shivaji is on the run from Chauhan's henchmen, who have thrown petrol on him and lit him on fire. How does he put out the fire?

6. On the day of the riots in the city, Shivaji records the instructions that Chauhan gives the Police Commissioner.  What does Chauhan say?

via IMDb

7. Select all the issues that Shivaji deals with, in his single day as the CM: 

via IMDb

8. Manjari's father rejects Shivaji as a prospective groom for his daughter. What was his reason?

via IMDb

9. Shivaji sets up a system to hear citizens' complaints. What is the system?

10. Sushmita Sen had a special appearance in the song for a dance number. What was the name of the song?

11. Nayak was the Hindi remake of which Tamil film?

12. Which of the following facts is not true about the film?

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