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Only Someone Who Has 'Everything Planned' Can Score More Than 5 In This Ultimate 'Ajnabee' Quiz

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20 years ago when Ajnabee first released, no one could have planned that the film would go on to become a cult classic, while also gifting us with a brilliant meme. 

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But, the real question is, two decades later, how much of the film do you really remember?

1. Let's start at the beginning, where are Raj and Priya living, when they meet Vikram?

2. What was 'fake' Sonia's real name in the film?

3. Why do Raj and Vikram get in a fight in Mauritius?

4. After Raj and Vikram reconcile, both couples go out to celebrate. What's the occasion?

5. Raj is framed for Sonia's murder because his fingerprints are on the murder weapon. What is the murder weapon?

6. Vikram plans the entire operation to obtain Sonia Bajaj's life insurance payment. What is the insurance amount?

7. Raj discovers Sonia, whose murder he was framed for, is still alive. Which song is playing when he makes this discovery?

8. What was the name of this character?

9. What is the name of the book in which Raj finds Sonia Bajaj's boarding pass?

10. Apart from Raj, who else is chasing Vikram?

11. What is the password for Vikram's bank account?

12. And now, for the toughest question of them all, what was Raj's profession in the film?

Are you ready to see your score?

All images from Disney+Hotstar, unless specified otherwise.  


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