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Take This Ultimate ‘Sarabhai’ Quiz & Make Your ‘Momma’ Proud

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Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai came into our lives and bargaining, poems, and comedy was never the same after it. So, if you can quote Maya Sarabhai in your dreams and are more patient than even Sahil Sarabhai, then this is the quiz for you: 

1. How many children do Maya and Indravadan Sarabhai have?

2. Dushyant has a famous catchphrase on the show. What is it?

3. The show begins with Sahil escaping his family and recounting their craziness to a writer. Where does he escape to? (Hint: it's the place jahan jaane ka plan sabka cancel hota hai

4. Who among the following did not have a cameo in the show?

5. Whose funeral is being organized in this image? 

6. Remember the time when Maya and Indravadan have a scrabble competition? Well, do you remember who won the competition?

7. Which of the following crazy adventures did not happen on the show?

8. Is this an actual Rosesh Sarabhai poem, or did we make it up?

9. Monisha announces that it took her 6 hours to make soyabean parantha. Who says the following dialogue in response: Aur ab poore 6 saal lagenge isse chabaane mein?

10. Which God does Sahil compare Indravadan to?

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11. Complete the lyrics of the title song: 
"Ek pal mein banti hai, ek pal mein bigadti hai, 
You can't say ____, ___, or ___"

12. When did the first season of the show air?

Ready to see if you're a true fan or not?


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