After ‘the Orry wave’ that took social media by storm last year, most of us are now familiar with the gist of who he is – a liver who’s working on himself. Despite leading a very public life, Orhan Awatramani is someone who has managed to remain an Internet mystery. People are really invested in who he is and especially what he does for a living.

Well, we may not have to look for this answer for a long time now. Orry recently got candid about some other details about his life and relationships in the entertainment Industry on a Reddit AMA last month. Here are some of the most interesting responses. Take a look:

1. Paint us a picture of a day in your life.

– dabawala

“Kho Gaya premier Flight to Delhi. Flight delayed. Delhi landing 6:30 am. Hotel 7. Sleep 7:30 am. Wake up 11:30 am. Interview HT live 12 noon. 1 pm hosted luncheon for friends in Delhi. 2 pm drunk. 4 pm HT city interview. 5 pm HMu. 5:30 otw to NDTV awards to receive award. 6:40 sharp airport. 7:15 security ffs me over. 7:30 flight. Even tho I only had a carry on they made me check it in last min. Delay Land 10:30pm. Bag lost. 11 pm out airport. Changed in car 12 picked up my friend. Off to Tara Sutaria’s vintage Xmas party. 2 am off to Sussanne Khan’s after party.


2. Who is your favourite Bollywood actor of all time and which is your favourite Bollywood movie?

– japleen0

“SRK – My Name Is Khan, Om Shanti Om, etc. Kalki Kochin – Shaitan etc.”


3. Bollywood is a pretty fake place we all know, who is your closest one from the Industry who you think is real, at least to you, and you can be real to him/her?

– justanotherjonsnow97

“My closet from the industry is Janhvi kapoor, I think JK has a part timer as my therapist, my advisor, my teacher, my guru, my life coach, my cheer leader, my support system, etc etc she has always been the real deal to me. Says it how it is and says it with love.

There was a time 3 years ago, I hit a very dark rock bottom in my life, and I kid you not, this girl has sat with me on the phone (we were in different countries) and baby sat me for days, weeks, months. Between sets, between meals, between sleep. I would have been so traumatised if I was her, but she is such a strong girl, the life raft of my life. I would not be where I am, or even how happy I am if JK did not have my back, back then and today…”

4. Hi Orry, has there been a celebrity who has shown you an unnecessary attitude while posing for a photo? If you can’t take a name, just give hints…

– ab554

“Shruti Haasan. Not for posing cause I never asked her, but she was very very rude to me at an event that I had actually got her into and I don’t even know her ! Felt very bad, but there was probably some misunderstanding cause I am good with her husband and I adore him. This will get sorted out in time. However I heard from the rumour mill she called me a “Pune” (peon) like a spot boy or smth.”

orry reddit ama
Outlook India

5. Hey Orry, say something about Nysa. How’s she IRL and rate your friendship with her on a scale of 1-10?

– loner_lover_19

“11/10 , lots of people misunderstand her and jump to conclusions… and cause she’s so private + no public insta, she has no way of shutting down rumours and nonsense .. it must be annoying .. and media lives to tear apart little girls.”

6. Your equation with Sara Ali Khan?

– kukkadkamalda

“Let me tell you something about Sara Ali Khan, we were best friends in college 🤢ew🤮I know right? And then suddenly, we drifted apart over night after we graduated.. but suddenly came back together during lockdown where we were attached by the hip and people would say ‘inseparable’ .. shortly after I moved to the UK to farm (yes that’s true) and she stayed in India to pursue her career in acting… and I guess when I came back we were both different people with different motivations and ambitions, on different wavelengths but 100% still dear old friends. There has never been a phone call that she has not picked up of mine and vice versa.”

7. Who’s the most pretentious and most genuine person you know of in the Industry?

– Playful-Annual3648

“That random Miss Universe whose name I can’t remember .. and most genuine = Jacky, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.”

orry reddit ama

8. You got a hair transplant done and documented your procedure in an Insta reel. In an Industry where many prefer to hide or even deny any cosmetic enhancements or plastic surgery, what made you want to be so open about your own procedure? Do you think this is something that at least other influencers, if not actors, should be open about to have a positive impact on people suffering from body dysmorphia and other body image issues?

– Anonymous

“I do what I love, and I would never be ashamed of anything I do. I do things proudly, I live telecasted my whole transplant .. to help other men + dilute the stigma. If I don’t do it .. who will ????????? I can’t speak on what others should do or not.. it’s personal.. and Idgaf .. it’s like that borderline anorexia interview I did .. everyone was like ‘u will get cancelled’ .. and I was like .. I don’t mind being canceled for speaking on what I believe in.. not forcing my beliefs on u… just speaking my thoughts.”

9. Hey Orry, in the darkest of moments what keeps you going ? Like I saw a post where you said something along the lines of you hitting the rock bottom. How did you come out of it? On the happiest days, do you sometimes feel that? Would love if you come out with a show or vlogs with this kind of thing…


“1. a certain someone’s mother attacked me.
2. I am a happy person, not a sad person, I don’t like being sad and the feeling is unrelatable .. I did not know how to act or behave or function when sad. Took allot of get me out of it .. I felt like Humpty Dumpty 🙁 broken…”


10. Hi Orry! How did you come about your signature pose? Love the way you do it!


“Honestly, it’s my way of holding a friend with love, it’s a supportive hand on the shoulder, on position that shows familiarity and fondness, if you ever actually copy it on a close friend, you may understand.”

That is not it. You can read the complete Reddit AMA on r/BollyBlindsNGossip here.