The following movies have released this Friday.

Rahul Bose’s Poorna – which the Indian audience won’t watch because it doesn’t have any big stars. Or enough of ‘conventional beauty’ to please our eyes.


There’s Naam Shabana too, which stars Taapsee Pannu and has a cameo from Akshay Kumar. Having observed the movie-watching demographic, it is highly likely that people will go and watch this one. Oh! It has the patriotism angle too. Sold.


There is also this Iranian movie hitting the theatres this week, which many of you will not go watch. So what if the director of the movie has a glorious reputation among the international film fraternity? So what if two of the director’s movies have won an Oscar for being the Best Foreign Film? These ‘foreign type’ movies we will watch on our laptop. Who goes to the theatre for them? And then we complain why great films don’t release in India.


Asghar Farhadi is a name of international repute. The two-time Oscar winner took the world by storm after the release of A Separation in 2011. Five years later, he’s done it again with The Salesman. The highly acclaimed movie follows an Iranian couple who move into an apartment which belonged to a prostitute. The wife gets assaulted, and the husband desperately looks for the assailant.

Looks promising, doesn’t it? Sadly, no one will watch it.