The Oscars are quite entertaining. And every year, that is. But this year was special. Mostly, because Parasite became the first foreign film to win Best Picture. This year, the Oscars did not have a host either. 

So things were a little havoc. But that doesn't mean that it did not have its moments. 

1. Taika Waititi was up to his usual tricks and hid his Oscar under a chair!

After receiving his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and giving a shout out to indigenous kids across the world, Waititi found enough time to to be able to hide his award under a chair. 

2. Chris Rock & Steve Martin made up for the lack of a host by roasting Jeff Bezos about his divorce. 

While Bezos was definitely the punchline, the duo also went about being demoted (having hosted the show before) and ribbing about the lack of inclusion among the nominees. However, coming back to Bezos, Rock said:

Jeff Bezos is here! Jeff Bezos is so rich, he got divorced, and he’s still the richest man in the world. He saw Marriage Story and thought it was a comedy.
Chris rock and steve martin oscars 2020
Source: Sfgate

3. Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig come on stage and behaved like, well, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. 

The SNL legends began by pretending to be pissed about something, only to drop the act and reveal that they were trying to show their range to the directors present there.

Maya rudolph and kristen wiig oscars 2020
Source: Yahoo

Their act then somehow turned into a bizarre singing competition which resulted in Billie Eilish make this face...

... and this is before they burst into the acapella medley called The Thong Song. 

4. Hildur Guðnadóttir became the first woman in 23 years to win the Oscar for Best Original Score.  

The Icelandic composer who won the award for Joker made for the most cathartic win of the night, especially as female filmmakers were 'snubbed'. In her speech, she said: 

To the girls, to the women, to the mothers, to the daughters who hear the music bubbling within, please speak up.
Hildur Guðnadóttir  oscars 2020
Source: The Independent

5. James Corden and Rebel Wilson came out dressed as cats. Because, why not?

Look, Cats was a shit film, and that's being fucking generous. But it did give us the laughter riot that happened when Corden and Wilson came out to present an award, dressed as their characters. Corden even quipped that nobody better than them understood the importance of good visual effects. 

After that Corden and Wilson did some more cat-like behaviour! Then they had to give people an actual Academy Award! 

James corden and rebel wislon cats oscars 2020
Source: Pop Culture

6. Eminem, who had skipped the 2003 Oscars despite winning for Lose Yourself, came back on stage 18 years later to perform the song.  

Weeks after he released a new album, Eminem surprised everyone present by performing Lose Yourself, as part of an unannounced appearance. Nothing else, it was just so cool to see Eminem LIVE again. Also, he got a standing ovation. 

7. Parasite director Bong Joon-ho's response to winning the film's first Oscar of the day was to tell everyone, he was going to drink tonight. 

Parasite swept the Oscars, breaking every record in the process. But when Joon-ho was first called for receiving the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, he simply told the crowd that he was going to drink tonight. 

Bong joon ho
Source: CNA lifestyle

8. As the awards kept coming Bong Joon-ho's way, he changed his former statement about drinking tonight. 

Now, it was going to be a bender. Claiming that he was ready to relax but admitting that the circumstances had changed, Joon-ho said that he would be drinking till morning. 

Bong Joon ho oscars 2020
Source: NYpost

9. There was also a really cute moment with Joon-ho just staring at his Oscar and giggling like a child. 

You just have to see it yourself to undertstand what I am talking about. 

10. Ray Romano literally swore the shit out of presenting an award, only to be stopped by Sandra Oh.

The Irishman actor firstly pretended to be Charlize Theron and then went ahead and said a bunch of shit Joe Pesci would politely say on set.

If you go back and watch it, it's been beeped out. All of it. 

11. Everyone present, all the stars, everyone you've and haven't seen on the screen stopped the curtain from closing after Parasite won the Best Picture, demanding the cast and the crew to finish their speeches. 

Traditionally, you're given 45 seconds to complete your speech and then move on. But since this was the last award of the day, the curtains started closing in. But everyone in the crowd, most notably Tom Hanks, in the front seat demanded that the cast and crew be allowed to complete their speeches. 

If there are any more of these incidents that we might have missed, do let us know.