If you have watched Parasite, then it wouldn’t be a surprise to you that Bong Joon-ho won the Oscar for the Best Director for the film, just before the film itself picked an Oscar for being the Best Picture. 

LA Times

This was Parasite’s 4th award of the night after Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film and Best Director.


Bong follows Alfonso Cuarón (Roma in 2018) as a foreign-language winner for Best Director with Parasite, seeing off competition from the likes of Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Todd Phillips for Joker and Sam Mendes (1917).

Receiving the award, Bong paid tribute to Scorsese in his speech, saying that when he was a young man, one of Scorsese’s quotes ‘carved deep into his heart’: ‘The most personal is the most creative’.

Washington Post

He also thanked Tarantino for championing his work: ‘Quentin, I love you’.

But the best and the most relatable part of his acceptance speech was when he said he was going to drink all night. 

He also spoke about splitting the ward with all the other nominees. 

If the Academy allows, I would like to get a Texas chainsaw, split the Oscar trophy into five and share it with all of you.

Twitter has since been gushing over the acclaimed director.

Also, if you want to watch more of Joon-hos work, you could start with Snowpiercer and Okja on Netflix. But for now, we let the man drink as we raise a glass to his greatness.