PeeCee keeping us posted:

The homegirl charm:

Anupam Kher needs a history lesson. Before Chopra charmed the West, there was a Persis Khambatta.

All the desis in the house!

PeeCee hanging out with Mindy Kaling:

Ran into my cousin last night at a party. ❤️

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DiCaprio’s gushing speech to reporters backstage went something like this:

It all feels incredibly surreal. You hear it on the Internet, you hear it from other people, and the truth is, we always strive for the best in what we do. But this year in particular, I’ve been overwhelmed with such support, really, truly, by so many fans and so many people in the industry. It’s quite shocking, actually, and what can you say except I’m very grateful. I really am.

Hollywood just couldn’t keep it down:

What the world has to say: