Remember the really big, round, blue-coloured octopus found roaming around the streets immaculately dressed in a hat (yep, only a hat) with his orange oval dog? 

I’m talking about this guy:


This guy/octopus was called Oswald and his not-so-furry-friend was called Weenie. They lived in a city called the Big City. Bet, you wouldn’t have guessed that!

Anyway, Oswald was a cartoon show that aired on TV when cartoons were tolerable and kids weren’t getting lessons in mythology while watching them. 

Back in the day when we were kids and Oswald was on air, it wasn’t the greatest of shows but it sure was entertaining. It had songs, some really diverse characters (like a talking snowman and a flower) and Oswald’s not-so-adventurous adventures made for an interesting watch.

But then we grew up. However,Oswald remained a part of our fond memories from the glory days of Cartoon Network. 

Until we watched it again. And now, all we want is the stuff that he was tripping on!

Oswald Wiki

Here was an octopus who lived on land and occasionally, loved to take a swim. But what will really get you thinking is that this very typically aquatic creature would jump into the pool (an inflatable one, that too) wearing his floating tube and swimming fins. 

How the fuck did we not question this back in the day?


Moving on, Oswald was always happy. Now, that’s got to be the effect of some really good stuff.

Or, it could simply be because of the fact that this chap had nothing do except roam around on the streets, all day.  And he had the money for how!

Once, he chased an ice-cream truck. 

We’ve all done that. But this guy did it for an entire day, while singing a song which was basically the repetition of one word. No points for guessing, the word was ice-cream. 

What could be a possible explanation for this? Some extremely catastrophic munchies, I’d say.

Why don’t you refresh your memory a little and listen to this song, so that you can annoy the shit out of the next person you meet. Start from 4:15.

So, when Oswald was not singing hyper songs, he was talking slow. Like reeeeaaalllll slow!

When do you talk that slow? Only when the stuff you smoke hits you really hard and you’re busy solving puzzles in your head while someone’s waiting for you to respond to their question.

I mean we get it, it’s meant for little kids. But even kids get bored when you take 30 seconds to say ‘hello’! 

And then, he would do things like this. Did nobody tell him to not be behind, or rather, on the wheels under the influence of intoxicants?

Oswald Wiki

And he would drive too. 

NEVER do that. Unless it’s a wind-up key car. In fact, even then, avoid driving because you’re not Oswald.


Once, Oswald planted a banana tree. While, plating it in a tiny little pot was problematic enough, we’ll let that go only because the episode consisted of line like these:

“Kya tum mera big banana lena chahoge?” 

What were you thinking, Oswald? He asked the question to everyone he ran into and obsessed over the banana so much, the town declared the day to be the ‘Big Banana Day’. 

I guess, there was something in the city’s air and Oswald wasn’t the only one at fault.


Now, you tell me whether it’s unreasonable when I ask for an answer to what he was smoking?

I guess not. And by now, I know you want it too. 

Until, we find out the reason behind Oswald’s supreme trip, why don’t you go ahead and watch some of those episodes on Youtube and wish that can get THAT high someday!