If you’re a 90s’ kid, then waiting the entire day to watch the super talented and creative Harun Robert AKA Rob with his show M.A.D. would be a daily ritual. 


M.A.D. was all about taking ordinary things from home and turning them into beautiful masterpieces. In fact, for all us Indian kids, the concept of DIY was introduced by this show. 


But if you’re missing Rob and his creativity way too much then you shouldn’t anymore because he’s coming back with a brand new show on Disney Channel. 

That’s right! Rob is coming back with Imagine That on Disney Channel which will bring back DIY in a whole new format that will inspire kids to upcycle through DIY. 

Just like the old times, our favourite creater, Rob will encourage kids to imagine, experiment and repurpose everyday items through the imaginative world of DIY.   

The show will air on September 6th, 2020 on Disney Channel. 

You can watch the entire trailer here : 

Pictures are sourced from the trailer.