Quite often, your friends would literally force you to watch shows that they have been obsessed with, in their own time. Sometimes, it’s a force for good. You get good entertainment.


On most other days, you will suffer from their horrible biases as you will be wasting precious time watching shows that are extremely overrated. So we are here to lend a helping hand. 

1. The Vampire Diaries

We all love a man as handsome as Ian Somerhalder. But let’s be honest. Even his jawline couldn’t help the fact that it was a high school vampire-werewolf drama. 


Sure, the introduction of Niklaus Mikaelson made it bearable, but come on. After a certain point, it just felt dragged. 


Also, did I mention that Elena was irritating as fuck! Who even says, ‘Dear Diary’ anymore? 

2. Supernatural

The show should have stopped in 2010 after it’s 5th season. Now it’s just bad writing coupled with some terrible performances. 

Den of Geek

The first few seasons were admittedly well planned but that small town drive through horror lost its charm some 10 years ago and it doesn’t look like the producers realise that. 

3. The Flash

The show might have started well but the scarlet speedster sped into a lot of unnecessary bullshit pretty early, making a superhero TV show into a soap opera with unrealistic side characters.


Also, why do we even have Iris? I understand having strong female characters but she ain’t one. She used to be a local journalist and now she leads team Flash. 


Also, it feels like the show ran out of credible villains right after Reverse Flash.

4. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is like the religion of sitcoms. Criticising it will lead to global persecution. And yet, it is so full of shit.

Hollywood Reporter

The jokes are extremely thin and feel stretched over a period of 22 minutes. I am not saying it’s a terrible show. But the story of its genius is simply blown out of proportion. 

5. Grey’s Anatomy

This show is like a teenage drama except that it consists of grown-up doctors who like sleeping with each other.


Actually, they sleep with each other more than they treat patients. It’s like the saas-bahu of American television!

6. South Park

Shows like South Park that only exist to offend do strike a chord with our generation and that has undoubtedly made it such a huge part of the pop culture.

Den of geek

But in all honesty, for a show that is supposed to be a socio-political commentary, it is not very clever or resilient. 

Comedy Central

It goes into the crude sex and violence territory far too often, killing its own punchlines in the process. 

7. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead could be a  synonym for inconsistency. The first season was epic. But it has been downhill ever since. 

Fox News

The episodes are way too long with 30 minutes of just walking and talking and barely 5-10 minutes of zombie killing.

The Geekiary

It does drop in some episodes in between that are so well made that they manage to take away your mind from the rest of the season but it’s simply not enough. 

8. The Big Bang Theory

‘The Big Bang Theory is funny if you are smart.’ Spare us the judgement. It’s like FRIENDS with 6 Rosses with bad haircuts. 


The jokes are stereotypical, and some of these beloved nerds are downright creepy!

9. American Horror Story

I can agree that the show has managed to capture the psychological horror genre quite well, but a few episodes into the show, it begins to get extremely tedious. 

E! News

I can really admire the people who love this show. Nobody is saying that it is a bad show but for God’s sake, stop blowing it out of proportion. 

10. Gotham

We all know how Bruce Wayne became Batman. We have seen numerous adaptions of the same fucking story.

TV Guide

The point I am trying to make is that the show is pointless. 

11. Young Sheldon

Who let this show get approved in the first place? 

While it’s refreshing to see a young genius in the rather conservative and religious state of Texas, you have to understand that we have already seen way too much of Sheldon at this point. 

Digital Spy

Besides the jokes and gags are not funny. The young actor who plays Sheldon tries his best to save the show but it’s simply not enough. 

12. 13 Reasons Why

Sure, the story is intriguing and it’s a delicate subject but for heaven’s sake, could we hire people who can act? 

Business Insider

The acting is poor on so many levels that it actually kills any kind of momentum the writing builds. 

13. Downton Abbey

The true problem is that we think anything with a British accent is simply a work of genius. Well, it’s not. 


The show is pretty looking, with all the fancy period drama costumes and an elite cast but it does not provide any depth. 

Vogue Australia

The show pretends to be a historical novel, whereas it is a mere walk through a regular British garden with a cup of tea. 

14. Stranger Things

The show’s not bad. But it isn’t the Frankenstein’s monster that it is made out to be. 70s kids with a lot of pop culture references fighting sci-fi monsters with the help of a person who has been illegally experimented on.


I wonder where we have seen that before? Ummm, every second sci-fi show before it!

15. Suits

People love Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. 

But as far as legal dramas go, the show offers much in matters of style but lacks creativity when it comes to substance. 

USA Network

The character development is actually nice, but that can only be said for its 3 male leads. For example- Jessica leaving everything and going to Chicago felt forced. 

16. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is what you would call a ‘basic white girl’ show. 

Watching it wasn’t actually a bad experience but then again, it is simply another high-school drama, that you can’t tolerate after a certain point of time.


17. How I Met Your Mother

The show is just not funny in the way it was intended to be. Besides, Marshall and Robin are the only people in the group you could really like in real life. Which was supposed to be Ted’s job, BTW!


Besides, the show’s portrayal of certain characters was simply wrong and extremely outdated, even for the time it originally aired. 


It works as a filler when you are tired of binge-watching actual good shows. 

I believe I’ve covered enough names to royally piss some of you off! So go ahead, we await your remarks!