While Amazon Prime Video’s Paatal Lok has managed to make a statement by drawing uncanny similarities to our reality, it has also done something bigger. The series has successfully spread awareness about animal conservation and the welfare of strays. 

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The love you have showered on these good boys and girls from #PaatalLok is just 💜💜. Standing for them and helping them live a life of dignity is something I support and continually work towards… and if you’d like to lend your support to them, below is a list of a few organisations.. some of whom I have been working with and some who are doing commendable work, tirelessly towards the betterment of strays… 1.Animal Aid Unlimited – They save animals through street animal rescue, spay/neuter and help in awareness and education. Their mission is dedicated to the day when all living beings are treated with compassion and love. They are based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. @animalaid_india https://www.animalaidunlimited.org/ 2. Thane SPCA – Their main goal is to bring medical aid and relief to stray animals and rehabilitate them as the sick and injured stray animals had absolutely no access to modern medical care. Currently they have a shelter where they provide holistic medical services. They are based in Thane, Mumbai. http://thanespca.org/ 3. RAWW – A Mumbai based organisation with a mission to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and work towards urban wildlife conservation. They rescue, rehabilitate, provide immediate treatment and temporary foster care to the wild animals, birds, and reptiles in the city and ensure that they are released into the natural habitat. @rawwmumbai https://www.raww.in/ 4. Save Our Strays – A Mumbai based organization whose primary focus is sterilization. They also work towards vaccination, health care and adoptions of animals. @save_our_strays_ http://saveourstraysmumbai.org/ 5. Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals – Based out of Mumbai, their focus is now on putting up a trauma centre in the city and a permanent shelter for blind and paralyzed dogs and cats. They have started a fund raiser on Ketto. Currently, they’re feeding stray animals and have fed more than 12500 (dogs), few hundred cats and are also feeding cattle and birds. @awaazvoiceofstrayanimals_ https://www.awaazvosa.org/

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In a society where ‘pure-bred pedigrees’ are given more importance, representation of Indi dogs in the series was a revolution in itself. It beautifully captures the true bond of an animal lover and revealed how the purity of their love isn’t dependent on the animal’s genetic buildup.


As an animal lover, these powerful scenes from the series have stayed with me even after the first season climaxed: 

1.The scene where Hathi Ram narrates the mythological incident of Yudhisthira showing his loyalties to his four-legged pooch (who never left his side) on the steps of heaven was heartwarming. 

2. This scene taught us the easiest way to instantly judge the intentions of a person: 

3. When Hathoda Tyagi, a serial killer picks up a fight in jail just to save a stray doggo, you know there is a little bit of humanity left in him, somewhere. 

4. Nothing much, just Savitri blessing your day with her cuteness before she delivered her adorable, fluffy, bundles of joy!

5. This scene revealed one of the most accurate observations and life lesson of all times: 

6. Dolly dropping the truth bombs on how we need our pets for emotional support, more than they need us for sustenance is the bitter reality.  

7. The scene when we first got a glimpse of Savitri’s litter was just breathtaking. Can we please acknowledge Dolly’s brave efforts of going against her husband’s will and doing the right thing? 

8. Maybe with her resentment towards Mr. Mehra, Savitri was trying to give us some signals and warn us about something: 

9. Nothing much, just Vishal Tygai casually chilling with his furry friends to keep his anger issues at bay. Makes me realsie that no matter how horrible your mood is, all you need is some quality time with your munchkin to feel better. 

10. With her status, Dolly’s will to adopt a stray, instead of obsessing over a ‘true-bred pedigree’ sends a powerful message. This representation of #AdoptDontShop should be a lesson to all of us: 

11. The scene where Hathi Ram instantly connects to a stray dog and gives the fluffball his ice-cream makes us believe in his ‘good man’ theory. 

Please note that giving ice-cream or anything that contains sugar to strays is hazardous to their health. Please refrain from doing so. 

We cannot wait for these furballs to make an appearance in the second season.