For the uninitiated, a Pahadi is a person who hails from the hilly state of Uttarakhand. In other words, people native to Uttarakhand. So here’s a peppy list of things only a Pahadi will understand.

1. “Ooijaa!” is our version of OMG!

If you’re a Pahadi, you’ve probably said it. From a 5-year old kid to an 85-year-old Amma, this catchphrase is a freaking involuntary reflex.

2. For us, Baal Mithai = Chocolate

Sometimes, it’s even better than chocolate!

3. Most of us have brushed against this devilish weed and almost scratched our skin off.

It’s called the Girardinia Diversifolia and is more commonly known as the Nilgiri Nettle. We call it “ kandeli.” Make no mistake. This plant was probably created by the Devil.


4. Makar Sakranti for us is like Pahadi Masterchef!

For others, it’s just another holiday. For us, it’s a freaking feast! There are sweets, chocolates and namkeen for everyone and more.

5. Holi isn’t complete without “Aloo ke Gutke” with Hari Chutney.


6. Talking of food, a day at a Pahadi house-hold is incomplete without at least one meal of “Daal-Bhaat.” (Pulses and Rice)

I’m not even kidding. We could give our South Indian brothers and sisters a run for their money when it comes to gobbling down enormous quantities of rice.


7. We are very particular about the difference between a Garhwali and a Kumaoni.

And our rivalry is legendary.


8. We’ve all seen our Mums wearing that huge yet graceful ornament called the “ Picchor .”


9. In our weddings, the “CHAAOMEEN” stalls are the first to run out of food.

Pahadis don’t eat noodles. We “inhale” them.

10. And last but not the least: Doesn’t matter which part of the country (or world they live), all Pahadis start grooving as soon as they hear “Bedu Pako.”

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