Bollywood has no dearth of hotties, ladies, be it John Abraham, Milind Soman or Akshay Kumar. But just in case you were looking for a new face to swoon to, we present to you, Pakistani actor and writer – Shamoon Abbasi. We’re officially calling him the Akshay Kumar from across the border.

Every bit as macho

And every bit as smouldering

Abbasi seems to be the king of selfies

And obviously he’s a ladies’ man

It doesn’t take much for him to make them spin

And he can rock just about any look pretty gosh darn hard

Just look at that P.I. Magnum

And guess what, he has a very Akshay Kumar-esque thirst for the toofani as well

And I really can’t decide who, between the two of them, looks hotter in camo

Directors, co-actors… He seems like a pretty popular guy

And sexy AF, may I add

I mean, I’m seriously *this* close to utaaro-ing his nazar over here

Just look at that killer smile

Just as comfortable with kids

As he is with guns

The stubble, the eyes, that perfect jawline. I’m thinking part Akshay Kumar, and part Jon Hamm! What say?

His candid shots are just as marvellous as all of his selfies are

And shots from his films toh bas, masha-allah!

What I would give to be that cup of tea

Imma stop looking directly at him, for fear of making my heart stop

Damn, as macho as he is, he can even pull off a pout! Is there anything he can’t do?

One thing he actually can’t do, though, is take a bad picture. Apparently.

We’re sending you you a bunch of love from here in India, Shamoon. And uh, we really wouldn’t mind it if you were to consider visiting. I mean, we’re right next door!