One of the highlights of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was its beautifully designed Batmobile. Pakistan’s Shaheer Khan, a self proclaimed Batman fanatic, built himself the most mean replica of the vehicle used by the Dark Knight to lurk around the streets of Gotham. Shaheer claims to be the biggest Batman fan in Pakistan and after seeing the Batmobile designed by him, few would contest his claim.

He was quoted by The Express Tribune saying, “I have always been a huge Batman fan since I was a little kid. I always wanted a Batmobile for myself. It was the coolest thing a kid could own!” The 26-year-old Batman fan has also been reported to have made his very own Batsuit from carbon fibre, the very same material used to make the suit in Nolan’s Batman movies.

“It was a tough process and we overcame many obstacles, physically and emotionally. We were building a car from scratch without any blue prints and redesigning the insides according to our understanding,” said Shaheer after confirming that the arduous process took more than a year to put together.

b’Source: Shaheer Khan’

Shaheer confirms that even though some of the parts look 3D printed, all the parts of the car are hand-made. The rear wheels have been made out of machinery tyres, while the wheels in the front are aircraft tyres. The outer structure was first carved out in wood and then entirely in fibre. Although, it doesn’t manage to replicate the vehicle in Nolan films a hundred percent. Shaheer’s car does not have the iconic front canopy opening but claims to look the same.

Now Shaheer surely looks like a guy with a plan!