Social media is a gift that keeps on giving. And it has been giving us new talent every day.

This time it’s the soulful voice of this labourer from Pakistan that has taken the Internet by storm.

The man in this video is Muhammad Arif, an ordinary painter from Pakistan, and he is surely extraordinary singing the Bollywood song ‘Humari Adhoori Kahaani’

Not just this, here’s more of him rendering his voice to some other soulful Bollywood songs and it is way too amazing.

He also has a Facebook page that has some 11000 followers and he has made a plea to the viewers to make his videos viral.

And social media joined in to do what it is best at – making this man an Internet sensation.

He has really left us mesmerised with his voice. We hope his talent gets the platform it deserves.

You can watch his videos here.